Maximum Demand Controller | MDC (Maximum Demand Controller)
MDC (Maximum Demand Controller)
1-Microcontroller based
2-Wide working voltage between R-N, 150v to 240v
3-Default display KVA/MVA
4-Display of phase Ampere and Voltage of individual   phase is on selection.
5-Current sensing through up to 5000A/ 5A ct
Auto range selection 99.9 kva to 999 kva to MVA range
6-CT ratio selection 5A, up to 995 and 50A in KA range 1.00KA
7-Auto range selection 99.9 kva to 999 kva to MVA range
8-200% over load capacity
9-Resolution 0.1 KVA
INSTRUCTION : For selection the display press and hold the button `UP` the short
form of related parameters will scroll on display window. Releasing the button at desire
parameter would be selected to display. The explanation of display short forms are given below
ctr : CT ratio
trP : KVA/MVA selection to trip (range up to 4.5 MVA)
A.dl : Alarm delay (range up to 30 second)
C.dl : Contactor delay (range up to 15 minuts in 30 seconds resolution)
F.dl : OFF delay or reset delay (range up to 30 seconds)
r_U : R phase voltage
Y_U : Y phase voltage
b_U : B phase voltage
r_A : R phase ampere
Y_A : Y phase ampere
b_A : B phase ampere
rEt : Return to display KVA/MVA mode
Note - Selection of parameters `ctr, trP, A.dl, C.dl, F.dl` to display, will display for only two seconds.