Digital Panel Meter | Digital Volt Meter
Digital Volt Meter
We offer an extensive range of Digital VOLT Meters that is used to appropriately and accurately measure the voltage. These voltmeters can be easily programmed using their keypads. These comprise comparator, integrator, analog switches as well as control circuitry with display unit. To meet the increasing demands of these voltmeters, we are importing these from the major markets of the globe. These digital voltmeters also have a very good export market. Offered with easy input reset option, our range of voltmeters has a display mode selection button, which is pressed and held on till the time 001 to 007 numbers are not displayed on the display window. One should release the button at the required number in order to select it.
The associated display mode at the user selected no is mentioned below:
001 : r - y - b - ry -yb - br scrolling
002 : r phase against neutral
003 : y phase against neutral
004 : b phase against neutral
005 : r phase against y phase
006 : y phase against b phase
007 : b phase against b phase
Technical Specifications:
Microcontroller based
Up to 400 v display range in single phase
R phase is used for unit power supply
Wide working voltage between p-n, 150v to 385v
Resolutions 1.0 volt
Selectable individual or scrolling display.