Digital Panel Meter | M P Display Meter
Multi Parameter Display Meter

Feature :

  • Normal working voltage between R phase and N, 150v to 240v
  • Three phase scrolling display
  • R Y B phase l.e.d. indication for each phase
  • On site programable 5A/ 5A to 5000A ct ratio
  • 5A step for ct ratio selection
  • Auto range selection for ampere
  • Auto amp to k. Amp range
  • Direct (without ct) use in 5A load by selecting ctr in 5A range
  • 150% over load capacity
  • Amp range up to 999 Amps. KA range 1.00 to 5.00
  • Ampere display resolutions
  •     up to 99.9A --- 0.10 Amp
        100A to 999A — 1.00 Amp
        1.00KA to 5.00 KA — 50.0 Amp
  • Microcontroller based
  • Option for display individual group of parameter by selection
  • Frequency display range is up to 500 Hz