AVR | Alternator Voltage
Alternator Voltage
Item Code: DP-201
Pentacon DP 201 AVR is half wave thyrister controlled associated with free wheeling diode for brush-less type alternators. DP 201 is designed a spacial relay-less electronic circuit, compatible with all in-range excitation ratings brush-less type alternators. Pentacon DP 201 AVR is a repairable unit, a thin coating of epoxy is applied to prevent damage from vibration, moister. Pentacon DP 201 AVR is provides under-speed excitation protection, by reducing the output voltage proportionally with speed bellow a preset threshold. Use of high efficient and sensitive semiconductors, positive voltage build-up is ensured from lower residual voltage.
  • Input voltage : up to 475 ac, two phase &neutral at u,v &n
  • Input frequency : 50 hz & 60 hz , adjustable through trim-pot
  • Output voltage : up to 110 vdcatf+&f-
  • Output current :5 amps continuous/ 11. 5 amps transient for 10 sees.
  • Regulation :+/- 1%
  • AVR response :20 ms
  • Build-up voltage :5 volts at AVR terminals
  • Under frequency
  • Protection :47 hz (resettable) at factory setting
  • Protection fuse :4 amps fast blowing glass fuse 19mm x 5 mm.