The AVR is designed for specially jyoti alternator for replacing with ct choke type excitation system. Three digit digital display for displaying alternator output voltage and frequency at regular interval regularly.
  • Input voltage :up to 475 ac, two phase &neutral at u,v &n
  • Input frequency :50 hz & 60 hz , adjustable through trim-pot
  • Output voltage :up to 110 vdcatf+&f-
  • Output current :55 amps continuous/ 110 amps transient for 10 sees.
  • Regulation:+/- 1%
  • AVR responce:20 ms
  • Build-up voltage:5 volts at avr terminals
  • Under frequency
  • Protection:47 hz (resettable) at factory setting
  • Protection fuse:16 amps fast blowing hrc fuse