APFC Relay | Automatic Power Factor Correction Relay
Automatic Power Factor Correction Relay
Automatic Power Factor Correction Relay Model - Microchip
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Features :
Real time display
Suitable for Contactorised capacitor switched panel.
and for SSR (solid state relay) switched panel on demand.
Minor effects of harmonics on performance.
Intelligent switching for bank selection. Other switching on
Input sensing through Individual phase with a CT.
Wide current input range.
Wide working voltage range.
Separate button for desired power factor setting.
Separate button for desired dead band setting.
Separate button for desired switching delay setting.
Output relay contacts up to 12 output available.
AMP indicator for ct fault or very low current.
Slide switch for locking, to avoid pinning.
Standard 144 X 144 mm panel flush mounting
arrangement. Max depth 75mm.
Specifications :
Working Voltage                 : 70V to 285V
Current Input                     : 5A (CT Ratio)
Frequency Input                 : 50 Hz
Switching Contacts             : 4 Amps, 250V AC (max)
Switching Sequence           : Intelligent-Switching
Display                             : 01 lag 1.01 lead
Target Power Factor           :.80 lag - to-.80 lead
Bank Selection                  : 1+2+4+8 (for best result)
Working Temperature         : -10ºC to + 45ºC
Harmonics Effect                : Negligible (performance unaffected)
Stage                                : Up to 12 Stage
Dimensions                        :144mm x 144mm x 75mm
Weight                               : 600 gr